Naloxone Saves Lives

According to Michigan Law, any individual can obtain naloxone without a prescription to have in their home for emergencies. This can be for a risk to you or a family member. Private insurance, Medicaid and other insurances will cover the cost.

Naloxone can be available through your pharmacy. Livingston County Community Mental Health Authority also has naloxone available for people without insurance or for those at risk.

Funding is made available by Michigan Institute for Clinical Health Research UL1TR000433, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and Community Mental Health Partnership of Southeast Michigan.

If you need to obtain naloxone, you may come to the Livingston County CMH Authority East Complex onsite Genoa Pharmacy. They can release naloxone kits directly to you.

Additional Resources

Please review these documents, which explain signs of an overdose, how to use a naloxone rescue kit and how to find support resources in our local area.

If you are a local organization with a need to have naloxone on site, please call Diane Heinlein at Livingston County CMH Authority at 517.546.4126.

You will receive a brief training at the pharmacy or with staff to understand how to use naloxone in an emergency.

Opioid Overdose Deaths are Preventable.
Take ACTION to save lives.
Call 911, give naloxone, and do rescue breathing.






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