Services for Children, Youth and Families


Services Children, Youth and Families


  • Address a child’s ability to control his or her emotions or behaviors or to use information.
  • Examples of problems include depression, bi-polar disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, attention deficit disorders, and conduct disorders.
  • Services support the parent/caregiver with skill building, learning new strategies, and helping build on strengths within the family.  

“Wraparound, respite, and home based services are all like life savers for our family. The supports we receive through these services are the glue that keeps us all together and moving forward.”

“…They are able to suggest and fund services that some families may not be able to obtain without their help. And they care; they go out of their way for the kids.”

Parent Support Partner

A Parent Support Partner is a parent of a child/youth who has experienced behavioral, emotional or other mental health challenges.  They bring a personal understanding of the experiences and challenges parents face regarding the mental health needs of their child/youth. Parent Support Partners receive extensive training and are certified by the State of Michigan to serve as a member of a family’s treatment team.  The Parent Support Partner’s work with families includes empowering the family to navigate systems, and to acquire new skills, resources, and advocacy in addressing their child/youth’s needs.

Child and Family Therapy

Child/youth and family therapy focuses on helping the entire family.  Therapists help children, youth, siblings, and parents/caregivers address specific symptom/problem areas, and to build the skills needed to improve coping and improve functioning.  Several Evidence-Based Practices are offered by therapists including Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Parent Management Training-Oregon model.

Child and Family Case Management

This service helps families gain access to needed community services and resources in the areas of health care, basic needs, education, and social support.  The focus of case management is to help child/youth and families coordinate resources.   This service assists child/youth and families so they can be successful in the community.

Home Based Services

Home-Based Services provide intensive clinical treatment to children/youth who have multiple behavioral and emotional/mental health needs. Treatment is intensive and flexible to meet the family’s needs. Services are provided by a therapist/case manager in the family’s home or community setting.  The family is the focus of treatment in identifying needs and working towards desired treatment outcomes. Through a strength-based approach utilizing evidence-based treatment interventions, the therapist assists the family in acquiring new skills and developing effective strategies to utilize in accomplishing their treatment goals.

Parent Infant Program

The Parent infant Program helps parents work on developing and maintaining healthy relationships with their infant or toddler.  This service works to support the parent-child relationship in a healthy and positive way.  Parents in this program work with a specially trained infant mental health therapist who provides services in the home or the community.  Periodically there are parent-infant/toddler groups called Mom Power.  This 10 week group provides expectant mothers or moms with knowledge and skills to help strengthen mother-child interactions and improve healthy and confident parenting relationships with their infant/toddler. 

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric evaluation and medication review are available for children/youth who may benefit from medication in addition to other forms of treatment. Nursing services help support children/youth on medication and address health and wellness.


Respite is a service designed to provide a parent/caregiver with brief, temporary breaks from their care giving responsibilities for a child/youth who has mental health needs and is receiving services from CMH. Respite is intended to allow parents time to re-charge from family stressors. Respite is a service that may be requested during the person-centered planning process. The amount of respite hours provided are based upon the child/youth’s level of functioning. Respite is provided either in the family home or community setting. 


Wraparound serves high need children, youth,  and families, including children/youth at risk of out-of-home placement and those involved in multiple systems. Wraparound is a team planning process that focuses on the child/youth’s and family’s strengths and needs, to build a plan that is family-centered, strengths-based, and delivers the right services to achieve outcomes. Crisis and safety planning is a particular focus. Wraparound teams are family-professional partnerships which ensure youth and family voice, choice and empowerment.

Intensive Crisis Stabilization Services

Intensive Crisis Stabilization Services are available for children and adolescents with serious emotional disturbance (SED) and/or intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) who have Medicaid insurance. A clinical team can meet with you at your home, a hospital emergency department, or another community location. This service is available on a 24 hour/7 day a week basis. To request this service, contact our emergency services at 517-546-4126 (800-615-1245).














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